Flying Bus Simulator

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Flying Bus Simulator

Flying Bus Simulator is a cool free online game by in which you get to fly high above the sky in a bus. In this game you have to pick up passengers from the bus station and fly them to their destination. Refuel your bus on the fuel station whenever you have shortage of fuel. Earn money to purchase new cooler flying buses and don’t stop until you own them all.

This game is much more challenging than it may seem. You don't only have to be the king of the streets but also of the air. Fly your bus carefully so your passengers don't get hurt and arrive at their chosen destination in time. Are you ready for this exciting adventure? Find out and have fun with this fun free online game Flying Bus Simulator on!

Controls: Arrows / WASD = drive, F = engine on / of, Arrows = direction while on air, Press F and then Arrow down to start flying.


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