You may embed any of the games listed on Silvergames.com as long as, for every game you embed, you adhere by the following rules:

1. You may not alter the game file in anyway. All credits must remain intact!
2. You may not layer objects, text or images over the game file!
3. You may not use any methods to block or disallow any in-game links from working correctly!!!
4. You may not claim or imply ownership of the game!
5. You may not charge users money to play or use the game!
6. You may not place the game on adult or offensive websites!

We reserve the right to modify the terms of this agreement at anytime. We reserve the right to terminate hosting rights for any of the games that fall under the boundaries of this agreement for any persons or websites, if on our judgement any of the above rules have been breached. If you have breached any of the rules of the agreement and have been asked by us to remove one or more of the games bounded by this agreement, you must do so ASAP.