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What are ASMR Games?

ASMR Games are fun and easy games that were created for the sole reason to relax and calm down the player. The abbreviation ASMR stands for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response and describes a specific audio-visual method that will ease your stress and make you forget about all the hustle and bustle in your life. You have had a rushed day at work or you can not seem to calm down because you have a test in the morning? Then this category of ASMR games is exactly the right one for you. Browse through our wonderful collection, choose your favorite ASMR game and play it online and for free on

Are you in the mood for some slime? Then play Slime Maker, in which you have to follow every step to create a perfect slime. Glue, shaving cream and foamy soap sound like basic elements to create this funny thing we all like to squeeze and play with. Find out out other ingredients you need to add and learn how to make a slime by your own. Unlock new colors and keep trying them all out. You prefer wood to slime? Then try Wood Shop, a fun-addicting game about woodworking. This amazing task consists on using different tools to alter the shape of a spinning piece of wood in order to create symmetrical objects, like a cup or a chess piece. Once you are done with the shape, you also get the chance of painting your object in the colors you want.

Another popular way to relax is to cut things. Play Soap Cutting, a cool ASMR game by Bestgames in which you have to do nothing else than cutting soap. Have you ever tried that? It’s as relaxing as fun and you won’t get your hands dirty, in fact, you will get them as clean as it gets. However, your goal in this game is to cut each and every piece of soap given to you to find all sorts of objects inside of them. Doesn't that sound relaxing? You can also play Elastic Man, Choir, Fluid Paint, Kaleidoscope Painting and many more. Just have a look at our great compilation of ASMR games and start relaxing now. Have fun!

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