Balance Games

What are Balance Games?

Balance Games are fun shooting, driving, riding and puzzle games that all require for you to have excellent balancing skills and you can enjoy them online and for free on Are you a pro at balancing your bike on one wheel or are you a skilled player when it comes to balancing eggs through an obstacle course? Then this is definitely the right category for you, so browse through our fun collection of the best Balance Games and choose your favorite.

Start with Eggs and Cars, a super cute and funny driving game. Loaded with one giant, easily breakable egg you have to drive your pick up-truck across the bumpy road at the highest speed possible. Your goal in this fun-addicting Html5- racing game is to reach the maximum distance before you lose or destroy your sensitive load. Or how about Moto Trial Fest 2, an addictive dirt bike game where you drive your motobike through rough terrain. Drive your bike, keep the balance and try to get to the finish line as fast as possible. 

You can also try Balance, a super fun physics-based game. Balance people. Balance balls. Balance eggs, coins and bombs. Just keep balancing all kinds of objects in this fun, retro-styled physics game and find out how many levels you can leave behind. There are more cool games to choose from like Seesaw Ramp Car Balance Driving Challenge, Forklift Simulator, Elemental Balance and many more. Have fun! 

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