Balloon Games

What are Balloon Games?

Balloon Games are free puzzle and shooting games about popping and rearranging colorful balloons. Fly with a hot air balloon or try to match three or more balloons of the same color. In our online balloon games for kids and adults, you also have to fight throwing heavy balloons at your opponents. Prepare balloons of the different shapes and colors for a party for toddlers or have fun throwing water balloons out of the window.

Play free balloon games online and pop every single balloon or use them to fly. Your job is most often to make sure they pop as quickly as you can find them. Place monkeys along the side of the road that these balloons travel and let them throw darts at them. Solve the puzzle of how to keep them from reaching your home base and making you lose the game.

In our online balloon games for free, players can even use balloons them to kill zombies and evil monsters. Play around with the balloons, pop them as you please or watch them float across the screen. Just pick any one of our cool games and enjoy addicting gameplay and funny characters.

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