Blocky Games

What are Blocky Games?

Block Games are cool adventurous online games that present themselves to you in block graphics. Don't be a square, be a cube! Thanks to these Blocky Games your comprehension of three-dimensional objects can finally be put to the test. The cube pushers here at have left no block unturned to present you the very best in block-based entertainment!

A block is any solid object that is defined by its square or rectangular surfaces. This makes them easy to stack, arrange and transport, which happens to cover most of the challenges that these blocky games offer you. In addition to that, the block has grown in prominence among digital artists as it provides a charming counterpoint to the hyper-realistic graphics of many modern games. Using blocks it is now possible to take the two-dimensional 8-bit aesthetic of pixel art and move it into the third dimension.

Games like Blocky Cars, Blocky Roads and Minecraft have paved the way for a graphical style that allows for 3D environments while still feeling somewhat retro. If you're looking for fun and clever game ideas, or just some games with cute and nerdy graphics, these blocky games are probably a good starting points. Drive a car, play football or basketball and don't forget that you can play them all for free, without registration or downloads. Have fun!

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