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What are BMX Games?

BMX Games are bike racing games about amazing stunts and driving skill. Hit the street and show off crazy freestyle stunts to impress the judges. Steer your bike across dirt tracks and ramps in our free online BMX games. Play as a stickman rider and perform extreme backflips and wheelies to become the best player in the world. Put on helmet and knee pads because safety always comes first, even in cool free online games for kids like ours. Work up a sweat in trying to be the best in our online multiplayer BMX rides. Race your bicycle through fun and exciting race tracks here at for free. Pedal like a maniac to make that crazy jump and win the race.

How about trying BMX Master, an addictive bicycle motocross game. Try to perform as many awesome stunts with your BMX as you can and do not plant your face.  Control the poor little biker through lots of challenging stages full of loops, ramps, explosives and deadly traps and try to get him to the finish line alive. Another very popular BMX Game is BMX Backflips, in which you get to avoid the potential broken bones and concussions by staying safe despite pulling off crazy, whacky stunts again and again. Race your cyclist down the slopes of the track, keep your balance and once you're airborne try to pull off as many backflips as you can without crashing face-first into the ground.

Ride on streets, obstacle courses and parks to show off your masterful tricks. Spin and flip in mid-air before you land your two wheels safely on the ground. Parade your skills and daring when you play our fun and addicting BMX games. Race to the finish line and get that high score on your cross track bicycle. Speed through the obstacle course on your bike or skateboard. Play well enough to set a new wheelie record here with our awesome racing and freestyle BMX Games, online and for free on!

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