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Bomberman Games are strategic, maze-based computer games and now you can play them all here on Fire in the hole! Or rather, the maze! These Bomberman Games let you throw bombs, kick bombs and push bombs around a grid for fun! has collected the best and most addictive multiplayer explosion-fests for you to dive right in.

The Bomberman franchise - known as Dynablaster in Europe - got its start in 1983 and has grown to become one of the most commercially successful game series in the world. Now there are more than 70 games on different platforms available all about a little character throwing bombs to blow up his opponents, and open up new paths and hallways to explore. Originating on the first Nintendo console (Famicom), the game was one of the very first multiplayer sensations in the video gaming industry.

Grab yourself a set of bombs, blast your way across every level and collect every upgrade and power-up you can find! These online multiplayer Bomberman Games let you go head-to-head with players all over the world. Compete on the world stage with these free, fun and addictive games to become the world champion!

Bomberman Games

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