Chicken Games

They're not just the slightly healthier alternative to beef, they are also the stars or at least main attraction in our selection of the very best and most entertaining Chicken Games here at! Find the clucking little things and either shoot them out of the sky, or help them through the perils of each level safely. The choice is up to you!

Chicken are one of the most widespread domesticated animals in the world. They are used both for their meat, as well as their ability to lay eggs. In their unfertilized form humans use them as food, or as ingredients for tasty dishes. The male chicken is called cock or rooster and is easily recognised by his bright comb on top of his head. They tend to craw loudly and shrilly at disturbances, such as the rising sun in the morning. In popular media hens are often shown to be nervous and easily scared, whereas roosters are portrayed as cocky, overconfident and showy.

Find your inner clucking majesty or booming voice crowing with these Chicken Games. You don't need to register, download or pay. These games are all free and available to play online. Have fun, pecking away at the high score!

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Chicken Games

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