Circle Games

What are Circle Games?

Circle Games are awesome puzzle games, reaction games and multiplayer IO games for you to play online and for free on If you never think in a linear way but always in a circular way, then this category is definitely for you. Here you can draw one circle after another, move circularly towards your goal, or just be a circle yourself and try to get bigger and bigger.

Being a circle or a ball is pretty relaxing because you don't need legs or arms. You can just roll around the board, crushing your enemies and collecting smaller objects to get bigger and bigger. Basically, as a blob, it's a good rule of thumb to always stay away from larger creatures, because when in doubt, they will eat you up and there will be nothing left of you.

So look through our cool compilation of the best Circle Games, choose your favorite and have hours of fun. And when you're done, just start all over again, because a circle has no end either. Cool, isn't it? Have fun playing our great Circle Games, online and free on!

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