Distance Games

What are Distance Games?

Distance Games are fun platform running or racing games in which you have to try and get as far as possible. Are you a quick runner, a skillfull walker or a super fast driver? Then this category is definitely one for you to succeed in and have plenty of fun. Try to overcome all obstacles and achieve the longest distance of all to reach a new highscore. Just browse through our great collection of the best Distance Games and have fun playing them online and for free on Silvergames.com!

Start by playing Color Tunnel, a free challenging parkour racing game full of moving obstacles and colorful colors. Your goal is to reach the end of the tunnel without crashing. You will have to act very fast to get safely through the gaps at such a high speed. Or how about Amazing Run 3D, a fun running platform game with a cool character that can slow down other object’s movements. If you are a fan of free online games with obstacle courses, today you will get the chance of finishing some impossible levels by doing a bit of supernatural cheating.

If you feel more confident up in the air, then play Flight, a cool online paper airplane flight simulation game. There's nothing like flying through the air. Not everybody has the luxury of owning their private airplane. In this free flight game you get to pick and up and throw a simple paper plane across the screen and watch it collect stars as it slowly descends towards the ground. There are more fun Distance Games like Flappy Bird, Rail Slide, Temple Run and many more. Much fun!

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