Falling Games

What are Falling Games?

Falling Games are fun racing, jumping, diving, puzzle, distance and reaction games that will make you reach airy heights and fall down into infinite depths. Gravity can be a cruel mistress and it has never been as true as it is with these Falling Games. No matter how high you want to climb, there will always be something that is going to pull you down again. That's why the physicists here at Silvergames.com have gone to great lengths - and depths - to collect for you all the games that fit the bill. Be ready to get up again after your fall and start all over again to succeed in our fun Falling Games.

Try Stickman Parkour, a cool 3D running and jump game to perform some parkour on rooftops like a maniac. In this multiplayer game you will race against other players to finish in first place, jumping, climbing and falling from rooftop to rooftop. Or how about Geometry Dash, a free reaction game played on an obstacle track. You are in control of single square, that will jump and fall from one place to another. Too hectic for you? Then play Sugar Sugar, a simple, yet fiendishly clever little puzzle game. Just fill the cups with sugar, that's falling from on high and make sure it actually hits the cups by drawing lines on the screen. 

One of the most popular genres in which you can fall are reaction games with huge stacks of platforms for you to clear. Try Stack Ball, a fun skill game to put your reflexes to the test. A cute smiley face ball bounces on top of a big pile of platforms and your task is to tap the screen and make the ball fall down and crash each one of those platforms in order to reach the bottom. In these Falling Games, you only have to worry about one thing: what to hit. In some games you're trying to avoid anything that might slow down your fall. In others you may prefer to hit as many obstacles and objects on your way down as you can. Be quick in your reactions so you don't hit the floor and have fun playing this great collection of Falling Games, online and for free on Silvergames.com!

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