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What are Fire and Water Games ?

Fire and Water Games are fun puzzle, reaction and firefighting games in which you can play with those two opposite and rather powerful elements. Where there is fire, there can't be water, and if there is water, a fire can not burn. This is what basic physics and common sense have taught us in the past. Wait though until you meet Waterboy and Firegirl and those assumptions will be proven wrong in no time. Water and fire are not only opposites, there can also complement each other perfectly. 

Fireboy and Watergirl is a free puzzle platformer for one or two players and there are several episodes for you to play. Go on an exciting adventure together and jump from one platform to another. Keep Fireboy away from water and Watergirl away from fire. Players also need to push and pull levers, press buttons to move platforms. Coordinate your movement with that of your partner. There is also a time limit you need to beat in online game Fireboy and Watergirl.

Another fun one is Fire and Water Geometry Dash, a very interesting switch of the original geometry dash and this one is surely more challenging! This one is a cool and really challenging reaction game in which you have to jump at the right moment to avoid obstacles and gaps. There are more fun Fire and Water Games like Fire Helicopter, Fire Catcher and many more. Much fun!

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