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What are Flag Games?

Flag Games are interesting quiz games and exciting capture-the-flag games where everything revolves around the usually colorful cloth. A flag is an abstract two-dimensional arrangement of colors, areas and characters, often rectangular in shape. Most often it is made of cloth, but sometimes it is made of paper, plastic or metal. You probably know what the German, American, and English flags look like, but could you match the Korean, Nepalese, or Croatian flag?

Flags used to be used mainly to transmit information over a long distance, for example from one ship to another. Most of the time, the flag indicates which community you belong to. So, if you are at sea with your ship and you spot an enemy flag, you should not waste time, but immediately go on the attack. How about designing your own flag in one of our games, just the way you like it?

Test your knowledge in one of our flag quiz games and learn all the flags of the world. Or fight in one of our multiplayer IO Battles with your team to conquer the flag. Alternatively, you can place small miniature flags on the mine-strewn Minesweeper fields to warn you of the bombs. Have fun with our fun category of the best Flags games, as always online and free on Silvergames.com!

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