Games 2 Girls

Games are for everybody! Boys and girls! But sometimes you're in the mood for games just made for you. Luckily we here at have asked our friends over at Games 2 Girls for advice and brought you a selection of the most entertaining, fun and awesome games with and about girls!

Admittedly, it's not the most progressive idea to reserve themes like fashion, shopping, cooking and makeup for girls only. But that doesn't make them less interesting or fun to play. Picking the right dress for a princess' wedding, trying out a new style for Elsa or maybe even doing a complete makeover for your favourite characters can be a great way to spend some time playing games. Here you will find a cool selection of games from Games 2 Girls that will focus on girls working on a farm, running a factory or even calling the shots in a hospital.

Don't forget that these games are free and can be played without downloads or registration. Just pick your favourite and lead your female character to victory!

Here you will find more simulation games, management games and customer games.

Games 2 Girls

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