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What are Go-Kart Games?

Go-kart Games are racing and arcade games about go-karts that are often based on the Mario Kart video game series. Here at Silvergames.com we have collected the best new online go-kart games, so you can enjoy an action-filled and fun driving experience for free. Jump into one of our awesome go-karts and explore the heart-pounding race car competition in glorious 3D. It's up to you to steer, speed and evade all the obstacles on the track before firing up your nitro boost to get into first place.

Play Red Kart Racer, a fast paced pseudo 3D kart racing game with 10 different tracks. Get into your red kart, compete against 11 opponents with various strength and try to win every single race. Or how about Kizi Kart Racing, a fun Go-Kart game with cool characters. In Kizi Kart Racing you get to choose one of the friendly looking characters and compete to cross the finish line first.

The visuals of your typical online go-kart game might suggest that it's for kids. Most adults know, though, that racing is a genre that's open for skilled players of all ages. Our free and addicting go-kart games are multiplayer experience unlike any other. Speed past your opponents with the help of a well-timed nitro boost and hear them curse. You will need to grab your steering wheel tight as you drift around corners in our new arcade go-kart games. Like the best 3D adventures of the past, like the Mario Kart franchise, our go-karts are full of explosive and addictive fun for players of all ages. Have fun!

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