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What are Lake Games?

Lake Games are amazing water games which mostly include fishing games. Those are games which are perfect for the whole family. Try these games alone or with your friends to have loads of fun. Lake Games are perfect for relaxing and letting your stressful day fade out. Choose between wonderful games like Fishing Simulator, Let's Fish, Fishington.IO and many more. Browse through our fun collection and play them online and for free on

Start with Summer Lake Fishing, a relaxing fishing game for all the people out there who do not always need action to be entertained. With this great fishing simulator, you don’t have to travel long distances and spend money on fishing rods and lure. Just lay back and clear your mind trying to catch the biggest fish. Or try Lake Fishing, a fascinating fishing simulator with realistic graphics. Go out to a nice and peaceful lake and throw your bait to catch the biggest and fattest fish possible. Earn money to buy new bait, rods and locations to increase your chances of catching larger fish.

Show everyone how skillful you are when it comes to fishing. In order to be an amazing fisherman/woman you need to be patient and observant. Once you have a fish on the hook don't let him go anymore! Catch the biggest one, earn money from your great catches and if you want, buy even better fishing gear for the next time you will go out to either a lake or a river. Enjoy our amazing Lake Games!

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