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What are Marine Games?

Marine Games are watercraft driving and shooting games where the player navigates boats of the US Navy. Some days you've had enough of those army-based shooting games. That's when you should switch to our cool online Marine Games here at Control a huge US Navy battle ship and destroy enemies with your firepower. Dive around as a Navy Seal and rescue people from a sinking ship. Or be a member of the Air Force and support your army with an armed helicopter. What is your favorite free Marine Game here on

Play Battleships, a classic board game in which you have to sink the hidden ships of your opponent. Think wisely and use battle tactics to defeat the computer. Or how about Treasure Of Cutlass Reef, a great pirate game. You are the commander of a pirate ship and your mission is to destroy the enemy fleet guarding the treasure. You can see the carried gold, ship integrity, number on canons and crew of the enemy ships in an info panel next to them. You can plunder and then sink a ship by going close to it.

So put on your favourite sailor outfit, hoist up the sail and pull up the anchor, it's time to fight as the waves are crashing all around you. With our free Marine Games you get to lead a formidable fleet into battle, just make sure you don't return shipwrecked!

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