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What are Medieval Games?

Medieval Games combine fantastic war strategy, shooting, fighting, and role games about the Middle Ages. The further back in history something has occured, the more we tend to romanticise it. That's not different when it comes to the dark ages as you can see by these Medieval Games here on! These games conjure up fantastical images of honorable knights going on noble quests to rescue fair maides from the clutches of some evil baron.

Play the amazing strategy game Goodgame Empire, in which you build a powerful empire. You have been entrusted with your very own castle but you own still a small empire. It's now up to you to expand it and turn it into a huge kingdom. Or try the cute Royal Story and start your own tale by choosing your gender, and then go on to organize and run your own kingdom. Meet new friends and earn money to build up your realm as you try to complete all tasks to get a happy ending.

If you want to indulge in the fantasies of a distant past that never was, when men in metal clothing would hit other men in metal clothing with swords; when castles and fortresses were simply what the upper class had to own in order to be taken seriously; and when having a fever was basically a death sentence, then these Medieval Games will quench that thirst for adventure, glory and a fair maidens! Have fun playing in another time and space, online and for free on!

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