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What are Ocean Games?

Ocean Games are super fun fishing, shark destruction, diving, boat racing and multiplayer IO games that all take place in the depths of the beautiful blue ocean. If you are a keen swimmer or your element of choice is always the water, then this refreshing category is exactly the right one for you. Have you always dreamt of being a huge powerful shark swimming through the ocean and destroying everything and everyone around you? Or maybe you prefer being a cute little fish searching the sea for loyal followers to roam the water with you and attack other fish families. No matter what you want to do in the ocean, you can do it in our fun Ocean Games, here on Sivergames.com.

Start with Flip Diving, a fun cliff diving game in which you can make your ragdoll jump off airy heights. On a hot summer day, there's nothing better than a refreshing jump into the sea. With Flip Diving you can live vicariously through your character as he leaps off a cliff and into the cool water below. Or how about Feed Us 4, the fourth sequel of the bloody, fun-addicting action game in which you have to help the hungry piranha to eat lots of helpless humans, sink boats and find treasures. Collect enough blood to evolve your fish and build a violent army of bloody eaters. 

Another fun one is Oceanar.io, an easy and happy game of a cute little fish swimming through the deep ocean with its adorable blood-thirsty babies. In this fun-addicting multiplayer online game you have to look for food to increase your amount of little fish units you can send to attack and kill other players. Have you always wanted to be the captain of a submarine? Then try Deep Sea Hunter 2, a super fun submarine game, in which you control your U-boat through the ocean as you try to reach the deepest areas of the water to discover treasures, rush fishes and other sea creatures. Are you ready for the deep blue sea yet? Find out and have fun with our great collection of Ocean Games!

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