Oil Games

What are Oil Games?

Oil Games are fun business simulators, mining games and cool drilling adventures that you can enjoy online and for free on Silvergames.com. Do you want to have your own business and make a living with oil? Just choose one of our great Oil Games and mine until you find mother nature's dark treasures. Browse through our fun collection of the best Oil Games and have fun.

Start with the most popular Oil Game and play Oiligarchy, a great oil business simulator game in which your mission is to get your hands on the world's oil reserves and become an oil tycoon. Explore oil, trash the environment, bribe the politicians and drill and pump as much oil (petroleum) as possible! 

Another fun one is Oil Well Drilling, an addicting drilling upgrade game in which you have to use your huge drill to look for precious treasures under the ground. There are lots of well valued things under the surface of this free online game, and your goal is to earn money to upgrade your powerful drill and go find them all to buy upgrades that help you reach the oil. There are more Oil Games like Oil Tanker Transporter Truck Simulator, Need Water, Mominer and many more. Much fun!

Most Played Oil Games