Painting Games

What are Painting Games?

Painting Games are color games about drawing objects or people made for kids and for adults. In our addicting online Painting Games, you get to grab pencils, crayons and brushes to use on cars or houses. Here at every one of our awesome new Painting Games gives you the chance to express yourself creatively. Follow in the footsteps of such famous artists such as Leonardo da Vinci, Van Gogh or Salvador Dali and create beautiful visual masterpieces through the simple application of paint. Add some dashes of color to a face in our top free painting games. Wanting people to look their best is not just a game for girls.

Get your mind into the color gaming spirit and spruce up paintings and outlines with the right choice of paints and hues. Apply fun face paints on people in our artistic games for kids. Start drawing a house or a car with vibrant colors. Our exciting online drawing games are fun for all ages, from baby to adult. Our online canvas needs your sharp eye and bold choices to celebrate all colors of the rainbow.

How about you start with, the newest multiplayer drawing game on the internet where players have to guess words drawn by another player. It is inspired by the original drawing game Pictionary. Join a lobby full of players from all over the world and try to draw the chosen words as good as possible so the other players can guess it. There are more cool Painting Games like Lip Art, Home Design Game, Fluid Paint and many more. Much fun!

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