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What are Raptor Games?

Raptor Games are fun hunting, racing and dinosaur simulation games that all feature the beautiful prehistoric animals and you can enjoy them online and for free on Silvergames.com. Have you always been fascinated by these huge creatures? Then this category is exactly the right one for you. Just imagine you had lived 75 million years ago and were able to live with those awesome dinosaurs. Browse through our great collection of the best Raptor Games and choose your favorite.

How about you start with one of the episodes of the cool Dinsoaur Simulator. Destroy the city controlling a dreadful dinosaur in this cool Dinosaur Simulator by Paco Games. Select your favorite dino and go out to the city, farms and other different places to terrorise humanity. 

Another fun one is Robot Raptors. Your epic toy war continues and it's about time to bring some awesome Robot Raptors in! In this installment you have to piece together another robot dinosaur. Click, drag and drop single parts onto the existing surface to build your mechanical Raptor warrior. There are more fun Raptor Games, so just play the one you like the best. Have fun!

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