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What are Robber Games?

Robber Games are exciting action games with racing and puzzle elements. There comes a time in life where you have to choose sides. Will you be the brave policeman chasing the bad guys? Or will you try to rob everything and become the greatest badass ever born? It's up to you. But no matter who you choose to be, we hold one thing for certain: you'll never get bored! Just browse through our fun collection of the best Robber Games and choose your favorite one.

Play one of the cool episodes of the ultimate Robber Game, Bob The Robber. This one is a cool puzzle game based on theft and deception. Play a role of the modern Robin Hood and fight against corruption and mafia in your city. Explore series of rooms and buildings and solve different kinds of puzzles to find useful evidence. Or how about Breaking The Bank? All paths to glory are paved with big mistakes. In Breaking the Bank Henry Stickman made the big mistake of thinking robbing a bank would be easy. Why not try it out yourself? Think you are smart enough to get to the end of this puzzle game?

This is a great collection of the best free robber games including Cops And Robbers, Bob The Robber, Whack The Thief and many more. Hop in your police car and chase criminals at all cost. Become the king ot thieves and steal the big treasure. Find a way to steal items without getting caught by the camera. All this adventures and much more await you in our list of online games. Play one of these adrenaline-packed robber games or try them all and have fun! 

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