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What are Roller Coaster Games?

Roller coaster games are track building and tycoon games about one of the most popular funfair attractions. In our free new online selection of the best online roller coaster games, here at, you get to be the creator of amazing rail constructions or even ride them yourself. Play as a roller coaster tycoon and make money by cleverly building tracks that lead to your destination. Feel the rush of racing down a fun 3D roller coaster of your own making and see if you will make it to the end in one piece.

You can start building tracks with tight turns, steep slopes and inversions in our top addicting 3D roller coaster games for free. Manage your own theme park and let visitors pay for the rush of racing down one of your inventions. Let your creativity run wild as a creator of amazing constructions that would be the highlight in any amusement park. Let the carriages go sky high and let them plummet down at awesome speeds and score points for it. Do you have what it takes to erect amazing fun rides and ride them well enough to grab that high score? Our best roller coaster games are right here waiting for you to give it a try.

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