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What are Rope Games?

Rope Games is a category of various game genres that all share one combining element, which is the large stout cord of strands of fibers or wire twisted or braided together. No matter if you are hanging on it, swinging from one side of the screen to the other or if you have to cut it in a particular order to win the game; you can be sure, that there will be a rope somewhere waiting for you to be used.

A rope is a very useful item to have: You can hold onto it, tie a knot in it, or even balance on it if you're skilled enough. You can shimmy along a rope like Tarzan, attach a bowling ball to it, or untie a knot full of ropes. A rope can come in handy in many situations, so just pick your favorite rope game.

Find out what all ropes can be used for, browse our collection and play the best rope games online for free at From skill games, jump'n'run games and sports games to puzzle games you can find everything here. Choose your favorite rope game or just play them all online and for free, as always on!

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