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What are Rotate Games?

Rotate Games are cool action games, puzzle games, jumping games and fidget spinner games that you can play online for free on In this fun category, everything goes around in circles, so make sure you don't get sick in the process. If you used to love carousels, then this was the best preparation for our fun collection of the best Rotate Games. So what are you waiting for?

Start with Flip Master, a virtual trampoline with which you can jump to absurd heights over and over again. The main thing is that you keep showing great spins and flips. How high do you get? Have your character do a double, triple or even quadruple somersault as you send him towards the stratosphere. Make sure you don't land on your neck or the edge of the trampoline, because then the fun is over.

Or how about the popular fidget spinner? You have to spin a virtual Fidget Spinner as fast as you can, making it rotate as many times as possible. When the spinner rotates, the indicator on the left side of the screen fills with yellow color. The higher the number of spins, the more the indicator fills up and the more coins you get after the spinner has spun out. Cool, isn't it? Here you can find more Rotate Games like Flip Diving, Rotating Bridge, Tetris and many more. Have fun!

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