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What are Samurai Games?

Samurai Games are sword fighting games about Japanese warriors. Here at we have a free collection of the top online samurai games that let you swing deadly blades and fight countless enemies to the death. Slice your way through hordes of faceless opponents as a fearless samurai warrior. Reclaim honor for your house, or yourself, in these fun, new Japan-inspired video games. Beat the game as a super hero of the Bushido and pride yourself on being the mightiest fighter around.

If you've grown up with the cartoon stories of Samurai Jack or Afro Samurai, you're sure to feel right at home with our action-filled samurai games. Pick up the sword and join the battle in our best free games about fighting dishonorable invaders. Quick movement and sudden, decisive strokes will determine the winner in our tense duels. Our awesome, and occasionally bloody, new samurai games offer everything you need for a fun, exciting and addicting samurai experience.

Get right in on the heart-pounding, super video game action with our top online samurai games, playing as the best honorable warrior of the land. Browse through our fun compilation of the best samurai games and choose your new favorite game. As always online and for free on Much fun!

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