Shape Games

What are Shape Games?

Shape Games are mostly puzzle games that come in all kinds of forms and appearances. No matter if you like triangles, squares or circles more, this category will provide every conceivable shape and you can play with them online and for free on Be aware though: shapes might appear that you have never seen before and you still have to make them fit with others. Are you up for this challenge?

Play Poly Art 3, a three dimensional puzzle, in which you need to spin the the tiles around in order to form the right figure. The result may be a nice, beautiful swan, a star fish or even a superhero’s helmet. Or how about Color Strings? It is a challenging puzzle game in which you have to move pins around to complete shapes. You will see a grid with different colored strings attached to pins and your objective is to change the position of the pins in order to form the right shape, shown to you on the top of the screen.

If you are more into a proper competion, then try Splixio, a super fun-addicting IO game with retro style and simple rules. The main goal is to conquer as much territory on the map as possible and become the biggest of all players! You start with a small area which you have to expand more and more during the game. Just draw a shape of your choice and expand your territory to the max. And the best thing is: you don't need to get in shape in order to play our fun Shape Games. Just start right away and have fun, here on

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