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What are Street Fighter Games?

Street Fighter Games are action games about martial arts, personal combat and duels. Very few things in life are as definitive as a fist to the face. Perhaps only a kick in the face. In these games, you will get to prove just how adapt you are at solving disagreements in the most non-verbal way possible. The raging pugilists at have searched far and wide to bring you the very best in kick-punching entertainment. For free. And requiring neither downloads nor registration!

Originally a surprise arcade hit for game publisher Capcom, the Street Fighter games series has grown into one of the most profitable and long-lasting fighting game series of all time. Retro games like Double Dragon, River City Ransom or International Karate would become cornerstones of a new genre, in which skilled players would beat either the computer or real life opponents senseless using a flurry of punches, kicks and special attacks. Later entries in the genre would introduce 2-player duels against individual fighters as the core gameplay idea. Some would also increase the brutality to ridiculous levels (like Mortal Kombat), whereas other would focus heavily on combo attacks and special abilities (like Tekken). They all owe a conceptial debt to the slapstick films of old, that would popularise excessive violence as entertaining spectacle, and not a valid reason to call the cops.

Get yourself ready to punch somebody's lights out on the way to the top, or to resecue your kidnapped partner or to stop some evildoer from doing something evil, by punching them in the face. A lot. After all that's waht Street Fighter games are all about.

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