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What are Sushi Games?

Sushi Games are delicious restaurant and action games that you can play online for free on Do you like Asian food? Especially from Japan? And also rolled? Then you should definitely check out our great collection of the best sushi games in the world here on, because here you will find the most fun games revolving around the delicious dish.

Sushi is a Japanese dish made of rice combined with different ingredients. It can be raw fish and seafood like calamari, eel or surimi, or vegetables and in some cases tropical fruits. There are many ways to prepare and present sushi. The most famous are maki and nigiri. So dive into the delicious world of rolled rice specialties and find out how to prepare the most delicious sushi pieces.

It's time for some delicious California Rolls, Philadelphia Rolls and maybe you'll want to try a Spicy Tuna Roll prepared by yourself in one of these cool free online sushi restaurant games. You're not supposed to play with your food, but this time we'll make an exception! Here you can cut different rolls like a ninja and then throw them to the fat cats to eat. Or would you rather run a Japanese restaurant yourself or prepare your own sushi like a professional chef? Pick one of the fantastic sushi cooking games and earn points by eating or preparing Asian food. Have fun with the best Sushi Games, as always online and free on!

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