Swimming Pool Games

What are Swimming Pool Games?

No party is ever complete without somebody drunkenly falling into the pool. These Swimming Pool Games will help you practice all the skills you need to keep from injuring yourself as you leap into this water-filled basin. The lapsing aquaphobes here at Silvergames.com have collected the necessary games about the most luxurious and decadent of all bathing utensils: the outside pool.

A swimming pool is not, as some naysayers would have you believe, an oversized outhouse. It is usually a large basin filled with water, that allows people away from the coast to swim without worrying about wildlife like sharks coming to visit. There are public swimming pools in most major cities, allowing people to go for a swim regardless of the season. Some people can affort to build their own below ground swimming pool, usually in their backyard. This allows them to jump, leap and dive into it when they feel like it. For example as a particularly dramatic interruption of an ongoing spousal fight.

So if you want to plan your next summer party around a swimming pool, but can't afford one, enjoy using one vicariously with these swimming pool games. They are free, and require no downloads or registration to play. Happy splashing!

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