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What are Swinging Games?

Swinging Games are action games where the player swings with a rope from platform to platform. Be the amazing Spider-Man and swing from building to building while you fight with enemies. Control a vulnerable ragdoll or a sporty stickman and use the rope like a monkey on the liana. Let a ball swing on a cord and kick other balls off the playing field. We have a great online collection of free swinging games for you to play as well as other addicting online games including Hanger, Stickman Rope Swing, Spider-Man and many more. Have fun with the best rope and web swinging games online and for free on Silvergames.com.

Start with the classic Swinging Game, which is Hanger, a rope swinging game where players have to swing on the rope like a Spiderman through each level. Control a stickman ragdoll and guide him to the exit. Advance at each level by keeping your guy from crashing into the ground, the ceiling or any objects you may find along the way. Swing and fly your way through the endless world of Hanger. If you want the actual looks of the most famous swinging hero, then play Spidey Swing, a fun-addicting Spiderman rope swing game. Control the Peter Parker ragdoll in his spidey costume through all stages using his well-known spider web. Try to jump from one spot to another swinging, letting go and shooting your powerful spider web again. Avoid hitting the walls and other obstacles too hard or the poor, masked superhero will suffer serious injuries, like losing a leg or an arm, or his precious spidey life.

If you are more into swinging a bat, play the very popular Backyard Baseball, a free online sports game with charming characters and fun challenges. You pick a team and players to compete against others on the field, like in Pablo's backyard. Try to hit a homerun, don't strike out and score enough points each round to move on to the next level. Another great sports game is Baseball. In this fun game the pitcher will throw a ball, and you have only split seconds to make a decision. Aim your bat so the ball goes far into the field, and time your swing right so you don't just hit the air. Are you still walking or already swinging? Get started right away and have fun playing Swinging Games online and for free on Silvergames.com!

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