Territory Games

What are Territory Games?

Territory Games are fun-addicting multiplayer IO games, in which you have to expand your territory in order to become the leader of the match. Try to fight your way to the top of the ranking list by always owning the biggest part of the map and being the most powerful player of them all. In this cool category of the best Territory Games, territory equals power, money and victory, so be sure to fight for every single acre of land. 

In Territory Games you control an object and move it into position, while keeping it away from your opponents. Both the offensive and the defensive team play on the same map and continuously try to stop the other players from scoring. There is no room for mercy in this brutal category so don't even think of giving away anything for free.

Build walls to protect yourself from attackers and expand your own territory to level up and upgrade your tools and weapons. You will possibly have to invade your enemies territory in order to score, so be ready for a bloody battle. Here in our fantastic compilation of the best Territory Games you will find games like Hexagame IO and Defly IO. Much fun!

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