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What are TurboNuke Games?

TurboNuke Games are fun racing games for you to play online and for free on Silvergames.com. Enjoy our great collection of the best TurboNuke Games including American Racing, Thundercars, Super Bike Racer and many more. If speed is your element and you can't get enough of fancy sports cars and burning tires, then this category is definitely the right one for you.

Play American Racing, another fun-addicting and challenging racing game developed by TurboNuke. Live the american dream and go up against much opposing racing cars. Or how about Thundercars? Get ready for some dirty driving, because you have just enrolled at the Thundercars event. Win races to increase your limited amount of cash and use the money to purchase tons of upgrades between the races to improve your thundercar. 

Another fun one is Super Bike Racer. Race your super bike along the track as you challenge other riders on their super bikes. Run over power ups to increase your speed in order to accelerate. Aim is to qualify to the top five positions to win unlock the next level. Get behind the wheel and just enjoy the ride with our great compilation of the best TurboNuke Games. Much fun!

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