Abduction: Granny's Version

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Abduction: Granny's Version

Abduction: Granny's Version is a cool mouse controlled alien game by Silvergames. Help the old lady to punish the cruel unwelcomed guests from the outa space for abducting humans. Use the walking stick to destroy the giant ufo part by part and drive out gems, which granny's husband will help to collect for upgrades.

You start with a simple hammer and it is your task to hit the ufo as many times as possible to make coins fall out of it en masse. Stamina, power, critical and speed are the parameters you can upgrade once you have enough money. Or how about another axe or cool sunglasses? Have fun with this cool game from outer space, Abduction: Granny's Version, online and for free on Silvergames.com!

Controls: Mouse


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