Adventure City

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Adventure City

Adventure City is a super fun multiplayer online game. Fan of GTA San Andreas? Lover of cop killing, hardcore gangster wars with lots of violence? Then you should try this fun multiplayer online game Adventure City! Run or drive through the city shooting up cars and people with realistic guns. Choose Free Play or Enemy Challenge and dive into this virtual world of gangsters and shooting fun.

You can select different weapons, get into all kinds of cool cars and just drive around. Try to survive and maybe kill some people on your way to make it easier for you. Do you think you can live in such a hostile environment and be the master of the streets? Find out now and have fun with Adventure City, online and for free on!

Controls: WASD / Arrows = move, Mouse = aim, Space = roll, C = crouch, 1/2 = change weapon, E = enter car


Adventure City: Big CityAdventure City: GameAdventure City: PlayAdventure City: Simulator 3d

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