Angry Shark Miami

Rating: 4.2

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Angry Shark Miami

Angry Shark Miami is a fascinating vertical shark attack game in which you have to cause as much chaos as possible. Enter the beautiful city of Miami and take on the role of an evil, bloodthirsty shark that just wants to eat humans and destroy everything that moves. The more damage you make, the higher your score.

Eat swimming people, destroy boats and even crash airplanes and helicopters to increase your score. Be careful not to hit those annoying bombs underwater and do your best to complete each and every mission shown on the menu. Have fun playing Angry Shark Miami, a free online game on!

Controls: Arrows = move, Space = attack


Angry Shark Miami: GameAngry Shark Miami: GamesAngry Shark Miami: Play MiamiAngry Shark Miami: Shark EvolutionAngry Shark Miami: Shark

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