Archery Battle

Rating: 4.2

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Archery Battle

Archery Battle is a fun-addicting and really challenging aim and shoot game. You will stand on a platform being constantly attacked by enemies. All you have is a bow and an endless amount of arrows. What’s your goal? Kill them all before they get rid of you. See how many attackers you can eliminate in one round.

Earn coins for every kill and aim for the heads and the apples to receive even more coins, which you can spend on upgrades for your stickman. Beware, at some point there will be several archers trying to kill you so you have to shoot even more accurate and make every arrow count. Are you ready for this shooting adventure? Find out and enjoy Archery Battle, online and for free on!

Controls: Mouse


Archery Battle: MenuArchery Battle: Archery FunArchery Battle: Double Attack BowsArchery Battle: Arrow Attack

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