ASMR Slicing

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ASMR Slicing

ASMR is a cool, relaxing fruit slicing game in which you have to cut fruit in order to make it enter the mixer and create delicious drinks. This free online game at lets you clear your mind from all your problems and just spend some time slicing apples, kiwis, oranges and all kinds of fresh, juicy fruits.

Forget about the actual drink. Your goal will be to perform the right cuts to make the fruit slide through the gaps and reach the mixer. Try not to run out of moves or you may lose the stage. Do you think you can finish all the levels with three stars? Try it now and have fun playing this free online game ASMR Slicing!

Controls: Mouse


ASMR Slicing: Menu CuttingASMR Slicing: Slicing GameplayASMR Slicing: Slicing Kiwi Strawberry AsmrASMR Slicing: Apple Slicing

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