Balcony Diving

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Balcony Diving

Balcony Diving is a fun pool diving game for vacationers who like the risk. Who doesn't love Balcony Diving? It's the ultimate summer-vacation extreme-sport worldwide, and now you can enjoy it from wherever you are. Jump from the hotel balcony and try to land safely on the pool to earn points and reach a higher level. The more you bounce on objects, the more points you'll earn. So aim precisely to perform a nice jump and set a super high score until you break your bones on a failed attempt. Oh, and by the way, try not to get killed by the alligator.

One might think it's not a good idea to land on a sunshade after jumping down a serious height. But guess what, in this game that is exactly the strategy that will get you far. Bounce off those items and land safely in the water without being taken apart by the mean and green alligator. Be careful, it is moving back and forth. This game is not suited for people with fear of heights or afraid of wild animals. Can you take on the challenge and master it? Find out and enjoy playing Balcony Diving, a free online game on!

Controls: Mouse


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