Bart Saw Game 2

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Bart Saw Game 2

Pigsaw is back to play another twisted game with smart Bart. He of all people is trapped in a school. True to the motto: Escape or Die, the eldest of the Simpsons' offspring has to find a way through all rooms full of deadly traps and evil creatures that want to make his life a living hell.

Walk through the different rooms, collect all things that might be useful and add them to your inventory. You can interact with the people you meet by either clicking on the fist (to hit), the mouth (to talk) or the eye (to have a closer look). Help him to survive his new adventure in the Bart Saw Game 2, online and for free on! Much fun!

Controls: Mouse


Bart Saw Game 2: GameplayBart Saw Game 2: Point And ClickBart Saw Game 2: Puzzle GameBart Saw Game 2: Screenshot

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