Basket and Ball

Rating: 3.8

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Basket and Ball

Good balls may know how to bounce, bad balls know how to score! In Basket and Ball, the funny little basketball game for just one player, you control a ball with lots of swagger as he collects stars in each level before happily bouncing into the basket. You will have to avoid sharp spikes that will deflate you, and climb up on moving platforms.

Hit the space key repeatedly to soak up enough energy to really blast your way to the top. There are dangerous stages ahead, so don't get cocky! But every once in a while you get some free throws where you have to cleverly bounce off the ground, the wall and the ceiling to collect all the stars and still land inside the basket. Do you think you've got enough game to pull those shots off? Be smart, be bold and score points with Basket and Ball!

Controls: Arrows = Move, Space = Jump


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