Blocky Demolition Derby

Rating: 4.2

(95 votes)

Blocky Demolition Derby

Blocky Demolition Derby is a fascinating free online demolition racing game with cool block graphics that you can play on Racing to be the fastest competitor is just boring. What really matters is who can stay alive the longest, that’s way in this game you have to think about nothing else than destroying your opponents.

There are different game modes in which you can use your normal vehicle, or something more heavy, like a tank and shoot the crap out of everyone. You can also choose many different locations, like a football field, an airport, the freaking White House or even in Egypt, where all those pyramids are, so just hop on your cubic vehicle and let the fun start. Enjoy this game Blocky Demolition Derby!

Controls: Arrows / WASD = drive, Shift = turbo, Mouse = shoot (aims automatically)


Blocky Demolition Derby: MenuBlocky Demolition Derby: Car SelectionBlocky Demolition Derby: Car CrashBlocky Demolition Derby: Gameplay Derby Crash

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