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Bloxorz is a free puzzle game where you have to roll a block on a floating mazelike platform. Maneuver the rectangular block across isometric stages without falling off it. Use arrow keys to roll the block around, hoist it up or make it fall over. Make sure to collect the stars spread out in each level, before sending your block down to the next stage. Later levels of the Bloxorz game add clever new twists, like trapdoors linked to triggers.

You will have to be patient, experiment with moving around the platform and be pretty clever to solve all 33 levels of Bloxorz. Sometimes it's try and error to find a solution but often it's also cool math. Enjoy Bloxorz, a free online game on!

Controls: Arrows = Rolling


Bloxorz: Un 2Bloxorz: Untitled 3Bloxorz: Untitled 4Bloxorz: Untitled 5Bloxorz: Untitled 6

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