Bob the Robber 4

Rating: 4.3

(668 votes)

Bob the Robber 4

Help Bob the Robber earn some money once again in this funny platform puzzle game. In the fourth sequel you will have to sneak into houses and steal as much money as you can without getting caught by cameras or guards. Hide, memorize codes and act fast to earn enough money to buy new clothes and equipment to upgrade your robbery skills.

Those houses are like a maze, so get a good overview and mind every step on your way, or a guard will stop you on your way. Can you remember a 4-number code while getting to the gate? Rob one house after the other and enjoy Bob the Robber 4 online and for free on!

Controls: Arrows = move / interact


Bob The Robber 4: MenuBob The Robber 4: Gameplay ThiefBob The Robber 4: Thiefs OfficeBob The Robber 4: Unlock Gameplay Thief

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