Car Eats Car 3

Rating: 4.2

(11725 votes)

Car Eats Car 3

Who could ever think that cars can eat cars? And Who could ever think that the same cars can fight with monsters? In this funny platform racing game anything is possible. Drive through the colorful surroundings and discover new possibilities all the way long. Collect hearts and diamonds to prolong your life and try to avoid getting eaten by the other cars.

Everything is possible in Car Eats Car 3 so waste no time and step on the gas pedal right away to start your journey. Press X for turbo effect and speed even faster. The third installment of this fun racing game will take out everything of you. Are you ready? Have fun with Car Eats Car 3 online and for free on!

Controls: Arrows = Drive, X = Turbo, Space = Bombs


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