Chess Online

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Chess Online

Chess Online is a free strategy board game that you can play together with your friends on It is perfect for those who love using their brains and competing against other players or the CPU. Every figure moves differently, so use them wisely. Try to take down your opponent’s king as fast as you can for extra points. Challenge your best friend to a fun game on the same computer. You can also compete against the artificial intelligence in all 3 levels different in complexity. 

Play chess online and for free on your website and train your brain at the same time. Choose your nickname and enter a room with a random player to start a multiplayer battle. Create your own room and invite your friend for a quick match. Thanks to the different levels of difficulty, chess online is perfect for beginners and professional players. Create a strategy and do a checkmate in just a few moves. Have fun in our cool chess game!

Controls: Mouse


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