Crazy Hangover 3

Rating: 3.4

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Crazy Hangover 3

Crazy Hangover 3 is hilariously funny. In this episode of the crazy point and click puzzle game you will meet rockstar Ted. Be warned, he obviously had an awesome party the previous night but the morning after, Ted can't remember any of what happened. It's your objective to help him through his hangover and find the rest of his band on a redneck's property, 'cause Ted and the Pyro Guys are awaited in L.A. already.

Walk around the different locations and search for hints as to what happened the night before and where your band mates are at. You can add all helpful objects to your inventory and use them whenever they are needed. Don't put too much pressure on the poor guy, he's still got a very heavy head from last night. Much fun with this ridiculous game Crazy Hangover 3, online and for free on!

Controls: Mouse


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