Creep Craft 2

Rating: 3.6

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Creep Craft 2

Creep Craft 2 is another Minecraft-inspired platform game made by rhys510. You are a tiny green creeper again and your mission is ... Please read the mission briefing! You can play either in story or survival mode. In the latter you race with your funny little, green avatar on top of a cute, pink piggy across the fields and waters, while collecting as many carrots as possible. Try to avoid getting caught by the moving screen.

In story mode you can move more self-determined and go about your mission while collecting all kinds of weapons to use in order to defend yourself when needed. Are you ready to function in this blocky word and fulfill every mission given? Find out and have fun playing Creep Craft 2, online and for free on!

Controls: Mouse = Use items, WASD = Move/Jump


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